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Herbs are a gift of nature. They possess various benefits of which many are still unknown. These add a unique flavour to food and also can be used to treat many diseases. We offer a variety of premium quality Herbs that are grown using no harmful chemicals. These are processed and packaged by us into fool proof packaging. The different products of this type that we offer and their descriptions have been given below.

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Spirulina Powder

Spirulina belongs to the family of algae and is rich in proteins and various other dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. We offer Spirulina Powder at affordable rates. We ensure that the products are extremely healthy and hygienic to be consumed. If you would like to place an order of large quantity with us,


Vetiver Roots

Vetiver Roots are widely used by farmers to help prevent soil and water erosion as they bind the soil firmly. These are also used as animal feed as they provide the required supplements and stamina for the animals. These roots also find uses in food flavouring and spicing in various cuisines. Perfumes containing these roots are


Omavalli Plant

Omavalli Plant also known as the ajwain plant is used for home remedies especially for treating cough and the common cold. It has a minty and spicy taste and strong odour. It can also be used to treat various other digestion and appetite related problems. We obtain these plants that are organically grown and package them


Dried Hibiscus Flower

We supply Dried Hibiscus Flowers in bulk and medium sized quantities. These are used popularly to make hair grow strong and lustrous. These dried petals can also be used to make tea. Hibiscus has a lot of health as well as beauty benefits. We obtain quality flowers, dry them completely and then package them into sizeable


Fresh Basil Leaves

Basil is a herb that has a variety of uses from medical to cooking. It is an integral part of the Italian cuisine. Basil leaves house excellent medical properties and can be used to treat cold, cough and stomach related issues. Fresh basil leaves add an unmatched flavour to food. We supply these obtained from farms that use


Dried Papaya Leaves

Dried Papaya Leaves are used in many homemade beauty remedies including treating acne. They can be made into a tea and also can be used for their medicinal benefits for various diseases. The papaya leaves that we offer have been completely sun dried and then carefully packed into moisture proof packets that ensure a fairly


Sothu Kathalai

Aloe Vera is known as Sothu Kathalai in Tamil. It is well known for curing skin and hair related problems like dandruff and pimples. It is also healthy to be consumed as it contains dietary supplements that are vital to a healthy diet. We are wholesale retailers and our primary focus is on bulk and medium sized orders. Please


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